Cannabis Business Compliance

Collective/Cooperative Agreements

The state of California medical marijuana laws provides guidelines for the operation of a marijuana dispensary and marijuana collective. A membership agreement is required to align with collective California medical marijuana laws. It is an agreement between the collective and the medical marijuana patient to abide by the bylaws of the collective. When a patient signs this a collective or cooperative agreement, they become members of the organization. The medical marijuana collective agreement is pursuant to California Health and Safety Code § 11362.775. It certifies that the qualified patients suffer from serious medical conditions and have obtained recommendations or approvals from licensed physicians in the State of California to use medical marijuana to treat their medical conditions.

Entity Formation

The purpose of a medical marijuana entity is to come together to grow and obtain medical marijuana in California. The two types of entities include collective or cooperative. A collective is a group of entities sharing a common objective or working together on a specific project. It includes a mutual benefit cooperation, unincorporated nonprofit association and a consumer collective corporation. Cooperatives are unions of individuals, such as capitalists, farmers and laborers. It can be organized, incorporated an LLC or C corp.

Humboldt and California Regulations Explained: Attorney Kathleen Bryson

Humboldt ordinance amended Title III of the Humboldt County Code relating to the commercial cultivation of cannabis for medical use. It is focused on the Business and Professional Code section 19321 (c) and making the determination whether or not registrants are in good standing. The new   Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) creates a comprehensive state licensing system for the commercial cultivation, manufacture, transport, distribution, delivery and retail sale of medical cannabis. California NORML is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to reforming California’s marijuana laws. California NORML is a non-profit, membership organization dedicated to reforming California’s marijuana laws, such as retail tax on medical marijuana.

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